Granny Square!

IMG_0125Inspired by the Granny Square blankets everywhere, and despairing of the ripple blanket I started, I have decided to use the wool I bought to make granny squares instead. This tutorial is great – really clear and easy to follow. Her blankets are all beautiful too, so bright and cheerful! Am pleased with how the first one turned out, and it seems so much more achievable and interesting than the endless rippling!

Christmas Craft Events

Thought I’d do a quick round-up as there’s a lot going on! I’m also really excited that so many of them are local to me 🙂

In London  there’s the We Make Christmas fair at Chelsea Town Hall on the 5th December, 11-5pm. I will be on nights that weekend and don’t think it would be wise to attend, no matter how lovely the goodies are! The week after we’ve got the BUST Xmas Craftacular at York Hall in Bethnal Green (round the corner from me!) on the 12th December, 12-7pm.

There’s also the East London Design Show running from the 3rd-6th December at Shoreditch Town Hall, which sounds like a pretty fancy affair, more for a browse or inspiration than anything else. If I’m not too sleep deprived post-nights I might have a look as it’s fairly close by.

Don’t forget the Upcycle Xmas competition over on Folksy – they’ve managed to get together an impressive panel of judges! I have a few charity shop bits and bobs around that I’ve collected, but there actually aren’t any charity shops in this area, I guess because the rentals are probably quite high. I might have to have a trawl in Penge if we go back there next weekend.



Winter mittens

Have tried to solve the knitting problem, i.e. starting huge and time-consuming projects I don’t have time to finish! I decided to use the lovely soft singly ply Frog Tree Merino I have to make a pair of mittens using this pattern. Here’s one, the other needs to be sewn up!



I also signed up for the Folksy Upcycle Xmas competition, which leaves me 2 weeks to find something second hand to use? I wonder how much of our own materials we’re allowed? Will have to check the rules! They might have a craft night in London too which sounds really fun, will have to keep a look out for that.