Ella Doran Sample Sale

I do love Ella Doran, and was really excited when I discovered our new home was practically next door.  I did enquire into getting one of her amazing custom roller blinds when we were decorating, but it was just a little over budget! So when I saw there was a sample sale going on, I had to pop in and have a look. The roller blinds are heavily discounted, but a ready made roller blind is quite a specific buy and they didn’t have the right size. They did have this lovely one available though, if anyone else is interested!

I did however pick up a pretty melamine tray, which I do actually need as we only have one fairly heavy one which is awkward to clean.

Lovely isn’t it? These trays are usually 20 pounds, but the seconds are discounted to 10. I can’t see any major faults myself. There are trays, coasters, cups and other random things in the discounted sections too.

Some older poster prints are on sale too between 2 and 5 pounds which is truly amazing, so I got a couple of those too.

and then some coasters which were fairly cheap to give as gifts. I am tempted to keep one set, I must admit.

Plane kidlet

I made this little kidlet tote using the tutorial from JCasa Handmade. It is a great project for a beginner, or maybe someone that wants to get into bag making but is intimidated by a bigger project. It is essentially, a tote bag with only one handle, so can basically be adapted into a normal bag too. They look really cute with patchwork pockets too, but I had this japanese linen blend lying around so decided to use that.

It’s sweet isn’t it? And I also had some (read: tons) of gorgeous linen and cotton blend fabric from Namolio which matched perfectly. It wasn’t intentional, but I like how the printed red stripes match up on the bag bottom really well.  There’s also a stripe just at the top of the bag too.

The red lining is a thick suedette upholstery fabric, a remnant I found in the Designers’ Guild showroom. I used it for the baby shoes I made a while ago too.

More granny squares

I am surprising myself with how quickly I am churning out these granny squares! Well, I have four and a half already, despite being on call the entire weekend and far too tired to do anything other than brush my teeth and fall into bed! I had today off, so got a chance to do some more. They are so pretty!

I’ve been trying to do a production line of sorts as I keep forgetting how to do  the bobble stitch.

I’m aiming to do six squares a week, which means it will take me four months or so to complete. Which sounds like ages, but is a vast improvement on the ripple blanket, which is still nowhere near getting done, mostly because I hid it in my Moroccan leather pouffe for months!

A wander in Wonderland

I LOVE Wonderland by Momo. I was totally obsessed with it last year, but decided to wait, and by the time I remembered it again it was sold out everywhere. I got one on Ebay, and have managed to win another one. Postage is crazy from America though, but no one here has them anyway.

The colours are pure yumminess. I have already cut it up and made four log cabin blocks so far. I keep worrying that I’ll run out, but I’m hoping to get 10-12 blocks in total. And then will add some more using the next jelly roll when I get it.

First FO 2010

Made this little jacket for my niece:

It is from the Little Sublime Handknit book (or something) and it’s made of their gorgeous but wordily named Cashmere Merino Silk DK. The yarn is beautiful, comes in lovely muted colours and so far seems to wear quite well without going all pill-y in about twenty seconds.

I am especially proud of my collar finishing, and the vintage buttons I used (from my Rochester stash):

The pattern is very sweet and old-fashioned, but practical. The moss stitch, although a pain to do, looks beautiful, and cos its only on the yoke, doesn’t take as long as you’d think.  I’m not sure I’ll be rushing to do this one again though, unless it’s a special baby, as the finishing is a killer!