Quilt Top done!

I finished the top to my Little Folks quilt yesterday. I can’t finish it yet because I don’t have the right size batting unfortunately! I’m really happy with the colour combination – lots of yellow, pink and a dash of sky blue! I was a bit nervous about mixing up the different palettes but I think it worked out well. As Suhayb (my son) says: “It’s colours!”

I was inspired by this and this. I wanted to use the beautiful dobby voile square panels along with what I had bought of the collection, and found the small squares measured 6.5″ exactly. So I cut 80 squares in that size using 15 or so fabrics and then chain-pieced them in pairs. After that I laid them out until I was happy with the arrangement and then pieced the top.

I’m going to bind it in the pale blue solid voile and the yellow diamond mine – although I’m not sure if it might be a bit extravagant. The fabric is not cheap but it is beautiful – the nicest cotton I have ever seen and perfect for clothes. I don’t even want to tot up how much I’ve spent on it so far!

7 thoughts on “Quilt Top done!

  1. I am normally an autumn colors kinda gal but I love those fabrics! How cheery and cute! Your inspiration pics inspired me as well—I need to make a bright and cheery quilt! Thank for being my inspiration!

  2. Such a happy quilt top! The colors are almost like a promise of summer. For minute I found myself in a sunny field surrounded by flowers set against a bright blue sky. *sigh* Well done!

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