There’s something about knitting socks which non-knitters really don’t understand. Maybe it’s because socks are now so cheap to buy, so ordinary and throw-away. But there really is nothing like wearing a pair of handknit socks – they are warm, toasty and indulgent. And so much prettier.

I am in the process of making some Monkey socks  from Madelinetosh Sock in Logwood. The colour is a perfect rich violet-purple.

Sewing room

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to put up many of my photos as the walls in this house are concrete. If anything needs hanging up, it necessitates industrial drills, clouds of dust and plaster falling off walls, so it hasn’t seemed worth it to try.I’ve had some success with these adhesive hangers but they aren’t particularly cheap.

Today I decided just to bluetack them all, rather than leave them languishing (some for three years!) in their packets. The area looks so much more inviting!

Some prints are from Etsy, others were picked up at textile fairs or in local shops. The rug is from Graham and Green and is Pure Kashmiri wool. The blanket covering the chair is a small Bangladeshi Kantha, probably made from a remnant of an old Sari.

Brick Lane Farmer’s Market

A new farmer’s market has just opened a stone’s throw from the house.

It’s at St Matthias School, just off the Bethnal Green Road end of Brick Lane.

The vegetables looked splendid, and were surprisingly inexpensive. And it feels so much better if the money goes straight to the supplier rather than a faceless supermarket chain.

There were lots of tasters there too – delicious bread, cheeses and cakes galore. We bought some goats cheese rolled in garlic and sweet red pepper, and multi seed bread which we had for lunch.

I also wandered back via Cheshire St, and discovered that Shelf were having a big clearout. I got a lovely red bus poster for S’s room, and the most amazing wooden magnetboard (marked down even more than on the site!). I love the twig magnets!

Linen shorts

I have been meaning to make something from the lovely linen I have for sale in my shop for ages, but its been such a hit that it’s in danger of being sold out before I can get to it! So today, I decided to use some to make a pair of coordinating baby shorts to the top I posted about last week.

I had a bit of a problem with the turn-ups – it turns out that you can’t actually sew them from the inside and then flip them the right way round which is what I had planned. After racking my brains for ages I decided to turn the hem in and sew over the top, and then turn up the bottoms. The linen is simply beautiful – smooth, drapey, light and just the right natural colour. The voile is also great for lining – it hardly adds any weight but provides a touch more structure.

I gave away the top to a friend with a baby the right age, who I was visiting for the first time, so will have to make another one to make the set complete!

Sorbet Top

I managed to finally whip up a baby top using the Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Pastry Line and Square Dance fabrics:

I modified a pattern from a Japanese sewing book I had, so that the main body pieces  could be made with the large squares from the Square Dance panel. This one is a size 3-6 months roughly. Wouldn’t it look sweet on a hot summer’s day? I’m also planning on a little pair of shorts, with a turn-up in the pastry line fabric. Not quite sure how I’ll be able to do it, but I’ll have a go!