Sorbet Top

I managed to finally whip up a baby top using the Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Pastry Line and Square Dance fabrics:

I modified a pattern from a Japanese sewing book I had, so that the main body pieces  could be made with the large squares from the Square Dance panel. This one is a size 3-6 months roughly. Wouldn’t it look sweet on a hot summer’s day? I’m also planning on a little pair of shorts, with a turn-up in the pastry line fabric. Not quite sure how I’ll be able to do it, but I’ll have a go!

5 thoughts on “Sorbet Top

  1. Cute top. How long did it take to make? I just made my baby a few pairs of pants and I’m planning on making her a few tops…

  2. So sweet! I’d love to make this for my little girl. I’m an eager novice and would love to find a pattern similar to this. I’m definitely not ready to modify japanese patterns but I would be intrigued to see how you did. Thanks for sharing. Love it!

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