Sunday on Columbia Road

A free Sunday means a stroll down either Brick Lane or Columbia Road. Yesterday, I chose Columbia Road. It’s not especially buggy-friendly, so I left S with his dad and wandered down. It’s amazing how so much bustle and colour can be hidden away until just before you turn the corner into the road itself.

My lovely new shoes!

As I hadn’t been there for a while, I took my time and explored all my favourites. Far Global is a treasure trove of antique pieces from India, including these beautiful turquoise cabinets. They are expensive, but would add amazing character to a room and be a loved heirloom to hand on to the next generation. In fact, I made an enquiry on one and am waiting for an email – I’m thinking it would be perfect for all the craft bits and bobs. It’s a bit smaller in scale to these ones, and has glass doors.

Ryantown, the wonderful Rob Ryan shop didn’t disappoint with lots of beautiful new cut outs and quirky designs. This design almost made me teary:

It’s of a child being comforted by his mother. Somehow (maybe now I’m a mother myself) I found it very poignant.

Next stop was the new (to me anyway) Jessie Chorley shop. She used to have one upstairs, but I think the new shop will get much more footfall and introduce her nostalgic, delicate style to many more people.

That’s me pulling a face in the mirror

As usual the flowers were the biggest draw for most people. People were walking away with armfuls of sunflowers, gladioli, roses and peonies. I love peonies, so brought a bunch home too. I also stopped in at Beyond Fabrics which stocks a great range of fabrics from well known designers e.g. Moda, Alexander Henry, as well as lots of beautiful vintage ribbon reels, and ready made items such as aprons and tea towels. I spotted a blanket by the talented Tree Fall there too.

So if you haven’t been there yet, put Columbia Road down on your To Do list for London, it’s medicine for the jaded urban soul..

Knit Nation

I managed to get to Knit Nation after our break in Anglesey (photos to come). I was thinking about it but having had to forgo the Thursday Marketplace Preview, it seemed a bit excessive to buy another ticket, knowing I’d end up buying more yarn. However, I was swayed by the photos of the Wollmeise stand. It wasn’t so much a stand as an amazing, jewel bright Aladdin’s cave of luxurious yarn. As I won’t be going to Germany any time soon, and the yarn is virtually impossible to get online, I decided it was worth a trip. And I managed to get out of taking little S (who doesn’t take well to long shopping trips of any kind!) so it was a nice easy trip on the tube.

I ended up with 2 skeins of Petit Poison NO. 5, and one in Tambopata, all 100% Merino Superwash. I also had a chat with Ysolda, and bought Whimsical Little Knits 2, as there are lots of little stashbusting projects in there. Her new book looks great – she had all the sweaters out on a rail so you could try them on, and there are a couple of patterns which I definitely want to try out. It was also useful, in that I got to look at some yarn that I’ve had my eye on online, and decided I didn’t want them so much after all. And that can only be a good thing, right? My last purchase was some beautiful soft Vinnis Bamboo yarn. I already have some in Olive green, but haven’t ended up knitting it so far as it isn’t a colour I really love. I bought Turquoise this time, which is gorgeous and bright.

Beautiful Loop sign! Love that Julie Arkell model

I didn’t get to do any classes this time, but I will definitely think about it next time, as the feedback was great. Maybe a lace knitting class,, or Sweater Fitness because it would be a really useful skill. The next fixture on the knitting calendar is the I Knit Weekender, which also looks amazing.