Sketchbook shirt

Sketchbook shirt by azmiat
Sketchbook shirt, a photo by azmiat on Flickr.

I decided to make this Sketchbook shirt for my son for Eid but by the time I had made up my mind to do it, I was quite short of time! 3 days to go, I received the size 5-12 pattern and extra fabric (I thought) I needed from Eternal Maker – delivered the next day after ordering, brilliant service!

Cutting out the pattern and pieces took one morning and then I began the sewing. I have made this shirt before but there are a lot of steps to follow so it was still time consuming, especially matching the pattern on the placket! I only bothered doing this on the left placket as this was the one on top, but think it was worth the effort. I also matched the pattern on the pocket but had to reposition it slightly lower and to the right to get the pattern exactly in position. I think it looks ok though.

I do think this pattern runs a bit small as it fits my son just right with a bit of room to grow on the sleeves but not much more in length before it will start to look short. I should really have done a 6T but looking at the pattern dimensions it looked like it would be too big. The 4T I made also fit him when he was about 3 and a half, and he’s quite a slim build.

The last part of the sewing was a bit of a slog the night before Eid – because I also decided to sew up two baby dresses for gifts for my two nieces! I finished up the slipstitching on the neckline in the morning and it was ready to wear. As you can see, he was pleased with it!

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