Camomille Shawl

I’m a bit behind on blogging as I’ve been away for Easter. I finished this shawl just before I left – it’s made with Viola Fancy Sock and merino lace, both in Dew Drop. This is a colour I wouldn’t normally choose, a soft pastel sage green, very subtle. It happened to match the walls in the holiday cottage we stayed in over Easter.


The shawl is actually far more simple than it looks – a garter stitch body with garter lace edging. Admittedly, the edging took me about 3 weeks! The result is well worth it though. The pattern is written clearly and the book has lots of other lovely designs which work well with hand dyed yarns. 


The pattern is available in Danish and English via the website, there is also an American distributor I believe. 


The Ravelry link for the project, with further details is here

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