Kids Clothes Week : Ice Cream Top


A quick post because I have to go out now, but here is an Ice Cream Top from the Oliver + S pattern. I’ve made an identical top to this before for my sister’s baby, so they both have cute matching clothes! Unfortunately, my niece is thousands of miles away in Egypt so I can’t take photos of them together!




I’ve made a few of these now, there are only 3 pattern pieces to cut (including the button loop) which makes it very quick to prepare. I love this beautiful Nani Iro print, perfect for spring. 





I found the top is long enough to wear as a dress for now, although it is loose around the neck still. I made the 6-12 month size and my baby is 3 months. 


They match really well with her Zara jeans! Unfortunately she will grow out of them before she grows into the top. 

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