Voile Bubble Romper

ImageI made this little playsuit for my daughter a few weeks ago. The weather was incredibly hot at the time and I thought the voile would make a beautiful, lightweight garment that would keep her cool. By the time it was finished though, the the sun had disappeared entirely and has only just come out again! I made a 9-12 month size which is a bit roomy but not so big she can’t wear it.  The fabrics  are both cotton voiles by Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry.  I used pearl press studs for the crotch closure. 



I used the Sis Boom Carly Reversible Bubble Romper pattern to make the playsuit. This is a great PDF printable pattern, which comes with several options for sleeves. I must admit to being a bit intimidated when I realised the PDF was 30+ pages long! However, this is mainly because she provides highly detailed instructions and illustrations for each step. An added advantage is that you could use the pattern to make a dress instead by simply lengthening the pattern and cutting straight acoss the bottom edge, which makes it even more versatile. 

Here are a few photos of the playsuit in action:



3 thoughts on “Voile Bubble Romper

  1. What a gorgeous romper, and the cutest little sweetheart inside! My daughter and I have just gone totally gooey over your little one. Eid mubarak- if it is not too late to say that, and many happy future rompers!

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