Fleur and Dot Dress


A quick post about my daughter’s birthday dress! I’ve been making quicker than I can blog recently so I’m going to post a few projects with less waffle. This is made using the Fleur and Dot Peter Pan Collar dress pattern (it’s not quite finished in the above photo!).


I bought this gorgeous fabric as soon as it came out last year. It’s from the Lavish fabric range by Katarina Roccella. It also comes in a beautiful white and pink colourway. I made a small change to the finishing of the cuffs as I wasn’t happy with having the overlocked edge showing, so I turned the edges over twice for a neater edge instead.


I cut a size 5 and my daughter just turned 4. She is tall for her age so although it’s a little bit big now I’m happy she’ll get some decent wear out of it. The pattern was straightforward with only a few pieces to cut (bodice, collar, sleeves). The measurements were provided for the skirt. I was a bit unhappy about the very small age ranges provided for a not inexpensive pattern. This was a preschool pattern which came with sizes 4,5 and 6. Infant size and Youth are available separately. I don’t plan to repurchase the Youth size but will probably look for a similar pattern with a wider age range.


I finally bought a tool for adding the popper fasteners which is a huge improvement to hammering them in with the little plastic tool that’s provided. I did put the buttons in the wrong way round at first though! Luckily my husband was on hand to get them out but I don’t recommend doing this!

Altogether it was a fairly quick sew. I learned a few new skills and am less intimidated by press studs!

Finished: Striped Pyjamas

I made  these pyjama bottoms for my son, from tracing the pattern to hemming,  in a single evening. The pattern is from Sewing for Boys by Shelley Figueroa and Karen Lepage. When I first bought this, I thought it had some nice patterns but wasn’t sure I’d make a lot of them. But having had a more in-depth look, the patterns are stylish and very adaptable.

I knew I wanted to make some pyjama bottoms using Children at Play Racer Stripes Flannel, and had bought some for this purpose a while ago. It is a beautifully soft flannel, a delight to stitch and washes very well. The pyjamas have been in the wash and came out perfect.

I learned some new techniques making these – “turn and stitch hem”, where you turn under the raw edges of your seam allowance and sew it down on either side of your seam, and the flat fell seam. Both of the seams are very sturdy and neat, and didn’t take as long as I expected either. I think that is partly to do with the fabric I used, as it stayed in position when being sewn so I didn’t need to use many pins.


I left out the faux fly detail, but otherwise sewed as written. Next time, I might not bother with having a longer hem (which is folded over and bar tacked) but I appreciate the detail as he’ll be able to wear them for longer. They are a little long at the moment anyway, as he is in between the 2-3 and 4-5 years sizes, so I made 2-3 with some added length.  Its these simple, useful items that make crafting worthwhile.