More granny squares

I am surprising myself with how quickly I am churning out these granny squares! Well, I have four and a half already, despite being on call the entire weekend and far too tired to do anything other than brush my teeth and fall into bed! I had today off, so got a chance to do some more. They are so pretty!

I’ve been trying to do a production line of sorts as I keep forgetting how to do  the bobble stitch.

I’m aiming to do six squares a week, which means it will take me four months or so to complete. Which sounds like ages, but is a vast improvement on the ripple blanket, which is still nowhere near getting done, mostly because I hid it in my Moroccan leather pouffe for months!

Granny Square!

IMG_0125Inspired by the Granny Square blankets everywhere, and despairing of the ripple blanket I started, I have decided to use the wool I bought to make granny squares instead. This tutorial is great – really clear and easy to follow. Her blankets are all beautiful too, so bright and cheerful! Am pleased with how the first one turned out, and it seems so much more achievable and interesting than the endless rippling!